How much of ourselves do we give away?

"Prime numbers are divisible only by 1 and by themselves. They stand at their place in the infinite series of natural numbers, squashed in between two others, like all the other numbers, but a step further on than the rest. They are suspicious and solitary which is why they are wonderful"
Exclusive: Watch Amy Schumer’s Spot-On Parody of Aaron Sorkin Starring Josh Charles


This is so accurate. lol

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Two mistresses at the Irish funeral.

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The episode was really supposed to be how everyone handles grief differently. But it’s also about Alicia dealing with the ambiguity of death. The inability to access the deceased and his thinking. It’s a little bit of a detective story, but about the mystery of a loved one’s last moments and their frame of mind. When someone you love dies, you want to stand where they stood, and see what they saw. In the absence of facts, you have to create your conclusion — which is what Alicia does.


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The most touching quote I've ever heard. My Mad Fat Diary: S2 E7

Rae:Every session you say that I need to love myself, to like myself more. For months now, you're like a broken record. But you never tell me how to start or when to start or where to start.
Kester:Fine, we'll start now. Not next week, not tomorrow, not after I've finished my cup of tea, we'll start now. Now, close your eyes. Go on, close them. I want you to tell me what you don't like about yourself but be honest with me. Don't be clever, don't be angry, be honest.
Rae:..I'm fat ..and I'm ugly ..and I ruin things.
Kester:Try and find some sense of how long you've felt that way.
Rae:I dunno. Since I was about 9 or 10?
Kester:So this is an opinion you've formed, a long time ago about yourself. Open your eyes. Now I want you to imagine, a 10 year old version of yourself sitting right there on this couch. Now this is the little girl that first believe that she was fat and ugly and an embarrassment. I want you to imagine her sitting there right now. Now tell that little girl she's fat.
Rae:I'm not going to do that.
Kester:Tell that little girl she's ugly.
Rae:I don't want to.
Kester:Tell that little girl she's an embarrassment and worthless and useless, because that's what you do every single day when you say that to yourself. When you convince yourself you're an embarrassment and a burden. Don't you think she's ugly?
Kester:Or fat?
Kester:Or an embarrasment, or worthless?
Rae:No, just stop it. No, right. No.
Kester:What do you want to say to that little girl? If she said that she felt that way about herself, what would you tell her?
Rae:That's she's fine, that she's perfect.
Kester:Then that's what you need to tell yourself. Every time you feel that panic, that anxiety. You need to soothe yourself as you would soothe the little girl. You need to tell yourself that everything is going to be okay. If you commit to that, then I promise you that you'll be able to face anything, and it starts right now. Everything starts right now.
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I know at least one person who will love this set besides me.

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Will really mattered to you.


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In every new job I got to… the first couple of days I think I’m going to be fired, I really do. - Gillian Anderson


In every new job I got to… the first couple of days I think I’m going to be fired, I really do. - Gillian Anderson

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The Good Wife 5x17: A Material World [x]

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The Good Wife themed tee: Rest in Peace Will GardnerAvailable on Redbubble


The Good Wife themed tee: Rest in Peace Will Gardner
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